BAFTA Nominated in 2017 for BBC documentary `The Prosecutors` "my aim is to share my experiences of grief recovery with the community that helped me when I needed it most" - Nicky

"I deliver a range of educational courses that teach children and adults the basic life skills to enable recovery from losses such as divorce, bereavement and unexpected disappointments. By using a step by step action programme I can show you how to support the people you care about, the people who are anguished by the pain caused by loss of any kind. I have courses specifically for people who would like to learn the best way to support children through the grief of  death of a grandparent, moving house or failing exams and for pet owners I deliver a Pet Loss Programme especially for you because mourning the loss of a pet is sometimes underestimated. There are group programmes and one to one courses available and they are run in various locations here in Cheshire. "  

About me 

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In 2013 my life changed forever when a road traffic collision caused the death of my 11 year old son and set me on a course I would never have chosen.  My story was documented by the BBC in collaboration with the Open University in a programme called `The Prosecutors` but alas my grief ground on.  

I set about exploring counselling and after months of talking therapy I found that I was still `stuck`. I realised that like a hamster on a wheel I was busily going nowhere fast. Recovery did not seem possible until I discovered `The Grief Recovery Handbook`.

I took the actions outlined in the book and began to feel a return to a sense of well being, taking control of my life was both empowering and healing. The outcome of the actions have proven to be profound.

I have learnt to acknowledge the importance of my feelings around other losses too.  My divorce in 2007 and two earlier miscarriages are some of the other grief events that the recovery method has helped me with. You cannot control what happens to you but you can manage your response. Please get in touch if you have memories that turn painful or like me you feel `stuck`.


"The "Helping Children Deal With Loss" course that Nicky runs in school is a revelation. I learned many new and well informed ways to approach "grief", what it is and how to deal with the challenges that surround loss events. I also learned many things about myself through doing the course although that was not something I had forseen. Nicky made the course really enjoyable and it was fabulous meeting each week to discuss our individual findings after reading various sections of the book. The book itself is beautifully written and the course I found to be truly enlightening. I would highly recommend the course to everyone." Ben Clarke

"Working with Nicky on the 'Helping Children Grieve' course has transformed how I interact with my class. All children experience losses, whether large or small, and understanding how to really listen to pupils and help them to deal with negative emotions is an essential tool for every teacher."  Susan Coyle

"I cannot recommend this course enough! I completed the course a few weeks after the death of my Grandad. It really helped me to deal with the loss of my dear Grandad who I was very close to. I was so inspired with this particular course "Helping children deal with loss" that I would like to complete the course that is focused on dealing with personal loss. Nicky is such a caring and approachable person she made everyone feel at ease. I would recommend her courses to everyone!"  Charlene Kinsella


Upcoming Programmes

The Grief Recovery Method Group Programme -  08.01.2019 @ 7pm  - Mobberley  This is an 8 week action program designed to help you recover from feelings of loss bereavement or to just help you 'dump the baggage' of a failed relationship. contact: 

Helping Children Deal With Loss -  20.11.18 @ 9.30am - Mobberley This is a 4 week course designed to help you support children through the ups and downs of life. Events such as moving house, pet loss and death of a grandparent are some of the first losses children can experience. contact:

1-1 Grief Recovery Method - Contact me to arrange appointments that are tailored to your schedule. This is a 7 week action programme designed to help you recover from losses of any kind. Mobberley + Sandbach.

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